Saturday, July 11, 2015

Is 2015 the Year of the Male Pill?

"Don't be a fool, wrap your tool!"- Van Wilder  Coolidge College 2002

Since the 15th century, something similar to Van Wilders advice has been th best thing that could be told to sexually active young men around the globe. Technology has made leaps and bounds. Manned space travel, electric cars and the Apple Watch are all examples of our marvolus scientific achivements but in all these years the condom is still the best option we have for male contaception.  
Well several reputable  news outlets have written stories stating that 2015 may be the year we have a breakthrough in the seamen blockade adventures and a more fool proof way of curbing unwanted pregnancy.
the title of this post was kind of a misnomer since the the new method of male contraception that is most likely to pass FDA approval isn't actually a pill. 
Without spoiling my next term paper with details in this blog, I'm happy to see that perhaps in the near future,  birth control might be shouldered equally by both men and women and a more technically advanced method of preventing   unintentional  child birth.

As overpopulation has a direct correlation to deforestation, environmental decay, educational deficiencies and more, we have a utilitarian responsiblity to do what we can to stem the tide.



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