Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Great Greek Bailout Debacle 
AKA" No Guap For You"

The idea of living off of the $60 dollars  of cash  a day  that the the Greeks have be dealing with for the last week or so doesn't seem so bad to the guys I work with and myself. If I ate, drank and relaxed like a responsible adult, I could easily make it a week or two with this amount of cash daily.
But, the idea of the government clamping down on the banks and limiting the amount of daily withdraws that you can make from your own accounts would be a conspiracy theorist wet dream and the worst nightmare for many Americans.

On today 4 July 2015, I have really thought about what our country would look like tomorrow if Sunday night there was a presidential address saying that we are nor limited to the amount we could withdraw from the bank. Even with the knowledge that the amount of their funds haven't been changed, America would be a vastly different place on Monday morning. 

The economy of the world hangs at a precarious balance that can be thrown off in an instant. The world economy goes hand and hand with world security. Broke people can't buy food and hungry people won't stay hungry for long- ask Zack De La Rocha.
We Americans tend to believe we a isolated financially from the crumbling economies of the world and that the  morals and values that founded this country will prevail during times of crisis. Unfortunately, us Americans react very similarly to the rest of the world when we are broke and hungry and in crisis. I just hope that we could weather the storm with the same grace as the Greeks and not spiral away from rule of law.


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